Lyrics to Pink Cookies
by LL Cool J

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[edit]Song titlePink Cookies
[edit]Artist nameLL Cool J
L.L. Cool J
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The act of makin

pink cookies in a
plastic bag, gettin
crushed by buildings
pink cookies in a
plastic bag, gettin
crushed by buildings

I'll take 30 electric chairs
and put'em in a classroom
30 MC's
and set'em free
from thier doom.
just like a tomahawk
cuts through the
when we begin
the wheel of furtune it spins
the rhythm like elastic
your whole body like plastic
so why try to deny
what ya already know
ya love
up above
cause the mania
in the streets
while ya lovers gettin merrier
in the sheets
I met this lady named
sweet young thing and
she gave me that feelin
that sunshine bring in.
totally affordable
silky smooth
voice was real audible.
I said your cool as Ice Cuba
she said, "your
that Public Enemy
I seen on the tuba."
I'm like your Uncle baby.
The style of your
beautiful face
drives me crazy.
Well can we do ya
so Heavy ah D?
She said, "You
tried to play me
like Big Dad-dy."
I said, "I know your Tribe,
I Called and re-Quested
for you to be manifested."
She said, "You know
the Same Gang and my
Flava Unit too?"
I said, "You only
knew the certain
things I wanna do,
do you?"
Rub ya down with warm Ice-T
make ya feel Bran Nubien
Boogie Down
and check this Production.
Gimme them lips
they look good for suction.
She said, "Sweet tease
cool with a little almond joy
on the side
just doin' the fly"
You like poundcake?
Comin' to my house
turn on the lights
and see me on the couch.
I said, "Do the jingle
and your from around the way.
I like your earrings
but anyway...
Your grand-daddy is
here to spread cheer.
Somethin nice and smooth
with my tounge in your ear.
Give me a snack
some Salt And
Pepper on a burger.
Ice Cube T
or if you prefer the
taste of honey Kid
ride in my Capri and
that's the joint
they got the real clear CD in.
She said, "Stars
Find more similar lyrics on't get me in
a car.
I don't know what type
of man ya are.
You might know karate
do me and get away
I got a glimpse of
your license plate


She was Chubb-y and
ready to Rock
Naughty By Nature and
part of my private stock and
ridin in the relax
frame of mind and
Hammer timin.
So edible
and unforgettable.
Soft like a Q-Tip
I'd love to get with you
cause I'm the type
of guy that got
props do
Feel it in mo and more.......
When I get ready
for a showcase
put together well
I go deep
and have an oil well
show and tell.
I said, "Yo-Yo!
You're so intelligent
and elegent."
I n-I never Run to be D
with another MC
I got what I want
right in front of me.
I know a kid named K
he's a MD.
Last time I heard
yo, was gettin real friendly.
Belly to belly and
chest to chest
thigh by thigh
leg by leg and
I guess.
Ain't no way to get ya out
your so caught up
S-E-X-U-A-L - sort
of a freaky situation
with a peppermint twist
Ricky or Mike is
next on the list.
Nastified and all-funkified
Can you hear?
Never fear
whatcha hear.
What ya hear
is it clear?
and love ya big dear
and I will appear
my dear
with a beer
and bags full of cheer
and waterbed...
Cause I rumble and groan.
She said, "You got
to be bad to
make the moanie moan."
Ain't no reason to front
on the way your life shown.
How I'm jumpin' your bones
like a Grand
Master in a Flash.
Put out your cigarette
and rest your tired ash.
All I wanna do
is make woopie
your my pink cookie.
Not a wookie
when you take it off
I'd love a lookie.
Cause I'ma mix it
up toss style.
Peace out
you got the sexual profile.

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Lyrics to Pink Cookies
by LL Cool J

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