Lyrics to Bring em Down
by Lloyd

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[edit]Song titleBring em Down
[edit]Artist nameLloyd
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In Liverpool I was born!
Bring `em down,
London is me home from home!
Bring `em down!
Them Rotherhite girls, they look so fine,
They're never a day behind their time!
It's around Cape Horn we go,
All through the ice and snow!
Up the coast to Vallipo,
Northward to Callao
Them Vallipo girls I do admire,
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Them Vallipo girls puts on a show,
They waggles their arse
with a roll and go!
It's back again to Liverpool,
I spent me pay like a bloody fool!
I'm Liverpool born and Liverpool bred,
Long in the arm and thick in the head!
Rock and roll me over, boys,
Let's get this damn job over, boys!
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Lyrics to Bring em Down
by Lloyd

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