Lyrics to Less Than Zero
by Lonely Kings

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[edit]Song titleLess Than Zero
[edit]Artist nameLonely Kings
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Kyrie Elasion, for everything that I've done
Eliminate the selfish plot
I'm gonna learn a lesson I was never taught
And it can hurt to trust too much to satisfy the hunger for a moment
Kyrie E laison, for everything that I've done
Now forever always knows anything that I've been told
I've lost a broken cause recorded dreams remain on pause
You feel your soul begin to move and
realize that life if just beginning
Find more similar lyrics on e laison, for everything that I've done
Now forever always knows anything that I've been told
Free yourself be satisfied or look forever crucified
Now forever seems to know
To heal the wounds that never close
Don't want it, never need it, don't count on it less then zero
Temptation took the worlds last hero
Somebody switch in role reversal
Don't pray for me my life
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Lyrics to Less Than Zero
by Lonely Kings

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