Lyrics to Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls (Part 1)
by Lord Belial

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[edit]Song titleRealm of a Thousand Burning Souls (Part 1)
[edit]Artist nameLord Belial
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In the shadow-side of life, in a dark and mystic
midwinter-night a child was born in ice and
frost-like fire an immortal child, an evil spirit.
Before his birth he walked this earth with hatred
and desires - desires to crush what he hates. In
hell he belongs, like the moon in the sky. To
grant himself what the unknown knows he submerged
underneath his earthly life - underneath the
surface of this earth,into the realm of a thousand
burning souls and questioned the elder demons for
their ancient wisdom.

"Oh, mighty demons... Evil demons... I am
worthy......speak upon me and grant me your
knowledgeso that I can inherit my throne of fire
and reign by your side"

His eyes started to burn, his blood boiled as a
majestic choir spoke upon him: "Your wish is
granted" He screamed in tongues unto the mighty
demons, in rejoice and pain. With the blood of his
very own soul he was baptised in the nameof the
northern prince of hell, and of all the unclean
spirits. Immortal he was and demonized he
becamethe prince of darkness was born.The agitator
for the forthcoming humans on earth.Onward to the
battle against the ones he despises and hates, his
journey now has begun.In heaven this victorious
battle will end (evil has won) another kingdom
will rise from the earth - the kingdom of a
thousand burning souls, humans shall kneel in
front of me - their master, my word will be their
law-enslavement! Now the war has begun, tears and
Find more similar lyrics on falls to the frozen and holy ground, the
sounding from the swords and screams of angels
echoes in the war-filled skiesAh... blood and
screams - cries and agony Demons, I summon you.
hear my hail.Come forth and gather here, we have
won this battle is won I spit on their cross, this
is my realm with a thousand burning souls where I
shall rule for eternity- it is my destiny! Let the
fire of hell touch the sky!

"Spawns of damnation let your spirits fly, sons of
darkness hold your banner high. You divided and
conquered, with bejewelled hate we are the proud
ones that crushed the holy gate we slayed with our
swords and our lust dawn is gone this is the final
dusk burn the angel-wings with the fire of hell
drink their holy blood and cast down a spell the
skies are filled with blood and fire ooh
yes...this is my desire earth to us, ashes of
angels and dust of heaven"

In the shadow-side of life with burning desire I,
Satan's son, was born in frost-like fire. In
darkness I belong like the moon in the sky.
Witnessed by the almighty god in heaven drowned in
the holy blood of angels he screamed in
blasphemous voice; I've crushed the heavenly
paradise - ha! Silence surrounded him thoughhe
heard some beautiful moaning a whispering but yet
so clear: "Oh my god, why have you abandoned us"
it was the agonised choir of angels that silently
faded away and god wept, your god wept, your
pathetic god wept !
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Lyrics to Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls (Part 1)
by Lord Belial

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