Lyrics to Music Makes me High
by Lost Boyz

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[edit]Song titleMusic Makes me High
[edit]Artist nameLost Boyz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1
But I'm sayin kid
it's only right to
represent where I'm from
East Coast bottom line, But I represent
wherever I go (what)
I'll be on the West Coast
we be gettin high with the fellas
who puff on the la
for Lu-Lu, Spig, and Tai
everyday you know how we do (woo)
brothers tryin to wreck the crew
we be havin mad fun
Niggas known me from day one
lifestyles of the rich and shameless
niggas Violat'in they will end up nameless

Verse 2
Yo Raff, bring me along (come along)
I know Spig's got my back
Freaky Tai spark the charm
give a 1, 2 for my man Pretty Lu
As I bless the rest of my
New York City crew
as we continue to bring you the flav
represent'in L.B.
from the cradle to the grave
now hows that, one time for your mind
but when I write down the line
I give sight to the blind, I'm
Comin thru with the click
Whattcha gonna do when shit gets thick
is you gonna start your runnin and hidin
is you gonna start your
slippin and slidin
man I thought you had
this game in a snag
How do it feel with real
niggas in your ass
mista mista Cheeks, freaky Freaky Tai
Pretty Pretty Lu, Spiggy Spig Nice Say

1 for the money
2 for the Lie
3 for my peoples in the
struggle gettin by
4 Lu, Spig Nice, and Freaky Tai
Music Makes Me High
1 for the money
2 for the Lie
3 for my peoples in the
struggle gettin by
4 my Fam Lu, Spig Nice, and Freaky Tai
Musi Makes Me High

Verse 3
Mr. Sex hit me off
with this drug called a track
Plug me in give me a sign to react on
whoever, comes in my path
to cut that ass in half
make'em feel the wrath (Yeah, Yeah)
Are there, any Volunteers
down to lose their careers
Yo we feels no fears
Find more similar lyrics on drug thugs comin thru
that's the deal
Beyond 95 L.B. Fam keep it real
it's hard as cleats
walkin on the fuckin streets
Po-nine walks beats
and beats my wife Cheeks
So I gots to tally up and get it on
get it on, word is born,
shit is on, shit is on
I must represent for my fam
real niggas get rich and
Bitch niggas scram
till the day that I die it's L.B.
from the year 95 and true 'G's

Chorus 2x

Verse 4
To all of my, all my niggas doin Bids
To all of my shorties on
their own raisin Kids
To all of my peoples who can't see
that we made it
niggas know the deal
on the real this is rated
Hit it to the left
who's the first one to get
it to your mind and
state of shock when I hit it
run up on niggas who be
frontin and scamming
Hey Yo that's word to mine
Get that Guy's for my Fam
Nobody wants in and nobody wants out
Smokin Trees, gettin 'G's
that's what we's all about
try to put it on em for the year 9 pound
I represent my town
show'em how I gets down
L-O-S-T to the B-O-Y-Z
Style flows on thru four families
I'm gonna stay treed till
the day that I die
Go with Pretty Lu, Spig
Nice, and Freaky Tai
(word up)

Chorus 2x
Verse 5 Over Female vocals
Hey Yo, gettin high
New York is high
East Coast you get high
West Coast you get high
now my man named Sex he be high
Charles too he be high
to my man Big Tiz he be high
Niggas on the lockdown be high
(Freaky Tai)
With niggas like this
Sweatin up in the studio
So High, Mr. Mr. Cheeks is high
Four is high
L-O-S-T-B-O-Y-Z High
Niggas best even try
Gods Day, Die
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by Lost Boyz

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