Lyrics to World Through my Fateless Eyes
by Lost Horizon

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[edit]Song titleWorld Through my Fateless Eyes
[edit]Artist nameLost Horizon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In the dawn of me, back at my spring of life
A mystic cry touched my soul
Just like a dream... a shine filled up it's sphere
My mind it was free and the
secret's key was for me there

Magic voice that came... strain from another world
Of beauty not to believe
All then I heard was for me like a soul's reverie
And the voice... it sang my name

And through the all painful years that should come
That magic was there by my side
Power that led to I lost fear of death
Hatred that covered its meaning
I hail my senses that help me to see
so clear in my mind
All rotten "truth" and the doctrines which words
make us blind

I see the world through my fateless eyes

Find more similar lyrics on be the sign, and the insight the guide
On this journey of unforeseen end
Enlightened by force of the unflagging faith
Through these wastelands I walk my own path
Damn the fate! You're one with your soul
and you must pave it's way by yourself

Out of nowhere the storm is coming on
The blare that surrounds helps me dream in
Enchanting me, while the spirit is rising again
And the storm... it sings my name

So as I walk on the path I believe
The force's always gracing my steps
Now in the name of the new risen will
I shall discomfit my fear!
And when the pinions of knowledge
like thunder, so mighty, will carry me on
All pain and grief and the weakness in me
shall be gone

I see the world through my fateless eyes
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Lyrics to World Through my Fateless Eyes
by Lost Horizon

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