Lyrics to Siren
by Lost in Tears

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[edit]Song titleSiren
[edit]Artist nameLost in Tears
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Siren, I can hear your song
Your enchanted melody
Siren, I can't flee from you
I am yours eternally

I don't care, I don't mind
what happens to me
As long as you're by my side
then I'm free
I have searched, for so long
that nothing can hurt me no more
As long as I see your smile
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Siren, sing your song to me
Lead me home to you
Siren, you belong to me
I live for you


I have traveled the seas of love
with my dreams as sail
So help me the God above
This time I cannot fail
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Lyrics to Siren
by Lost in Tears

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