Lyrics to Feed us
by Lost Souls

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[edit]Song titleFeed us
[edit]Artist nameLost Souls
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Famished ravenous starved voracious
I hunger flesh, I hunger soul mind
Famished ravenous starved voracious
I hunger flesh, I hunger soul mind
Warped beyond comprehension that what
I feed on resides in me, in me

Free my mind from all constraints
Sick thoughts rage like fire
Pain spreads through my spinal cord
Famished ravenous starved voracious

Feed us
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Feed me, foetus

Famished ravenous starved voracious
I hunger flesh, I hunger soul mind
Breaching through empty no more focus in my
Mind feeding on my sense, my sense
I subside all I am is me no
hate fear pain life
Devotion, devotion
Famished ravenous starved voracious
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Lyrics to Feed us
by Lost Souls

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