Lyrics to So Lonely
by Loudness

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[edit]Song titleSo Lonely
[edit]Artist nameLoudness
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So far away
You've been gone all the while
I'm feeling lonely like a homeless child
This clown pretends
Everything's all right
While his heart is breaking inside

So lonely, so lonely for you
Oh baby, oh baby
I'm so lonely
What can I do
I'm trapped
I'm living without you

You're all that I have
I can't leave you behind
The touch of your love
Oh it burns me inside
I should break away
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I'm trapped
I'm living without you

Love gone wrong
Love gone blind
Tears may flow
Till the end of time
Can't let go
To what I left behind
I've been awaited too long

So lonely, so lonely for you
Oh baby, oh baby
I'm so lonely
What can I do
I'm trapped
I'm living without you
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Lyrics to So Lonely
by Loudness

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