Lyrics to Wherever you go
by Louise Hoffsten

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[edit]Song titleWherever you go
[edit]Artist nameLouise Hoffsten
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Larson / Hoffsten - Hoffsten)
we live in a time of hate and confusion
lost our faith in future illusions
no one can tell us the state of tomorrow
still I know, wherever you go, I'll follow
still I know, wherever you go, I'll follow
you can walk on water and walk through the fire
dressed in a garland of barbed wire
slippery roads of pleasure and sorrow
still I know, wherever you go, I'll follow
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even if you lead me astray
I'd lost my self anyway
angels keep singing up in their heaven
I'm right here behind you now and forever
the man in the moon is looking so hollow
still I know, wherever you go, I'll follow
still I know, wherever you go, I'll follow
still I know, wherever you go, I'll follow
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Lyrics to Wherever you go
by Louise Hoffsten

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