Lyrics to I Drown in Existence
by Love Lies Bleeding

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[edit]Song titleI Drown in Existence
[edit]Artist nameLove Lies Bleeding
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I am the mighty sun when she is the frozen moon.
Our light will never rejoin.
Carry me in the night, in the kingdom of my bride,
When her beauty is so real and pure.
But in this dark immensity, my heart would be drowned,
Submerged by the infernal sea of darkness.
« I cried so many times, I feel inadequacy.
My heart is invided by emptiness, my sorrow will never end.
I am enslaved by myself, my prison is my life.
Save me from determinism...
The wall of multitude can't be broken.
We are nothing but weak unities.
We are lost...

My only deed was to love, falling in a grave of desire.
My sentence will be immortality in darkness and sorrow.
The limpid feeling can't be felt during poor human life.
I was the spirit lover, now I become real.
All ideals are lies. Non-senses to overcome.
You can't be free in this miserable world.
Forget what you know and listen to your soul !
Tragical concepts are running into my mind.
Find more similar lyrics on just wanted tranquillity and emptiness.
Transubstantation from abstract to concrete...
Life's not a dream anymore.
Here comes the ages of chaos, the ages of blood.
Time has come to suffer...Why did you give me your hand ?
Time has come to suffer...Now we live...We are lost.
Come to me ! Pale light of hope !
Your embrace can close these eyes.
Be the poison that runs into my veins
And spread your wings for me.
Through being, through cold existence,
Your heat can burn the power.
Even the last mighty light can't
annihilate the raven of life.
Our love can't be saved...Lies invade
everything...I cry as I bleed...
A mournful requiem come with my first breath
As I drown in existence...
Love lies bleeding.
Stabbed by a blade called « life »
Stabbed by a blade called « lie »
My screams are pathetic, my tears have lost their taste,
My will become useless.
This is the end...
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Lyrics to I Drown in Existence
by Love Lies Bleeding

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