Lyrics to Emma
by Lovebugs

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[edit]Song titleEmma
[edit]Artist nameLovebugs
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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you've got troubles
at the place where you work
and in the circle of your friends
oh, they would never see
they think what they want
it ain't that much
and you can't stand the way they act
maybe we're so much the same

fell asleep in front of the tv eye
while you longing for
a better place to go
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i thought you have it easier
'cause everybody falls in love with you
everybody wants you to know
tell me why did you start it
why did you start the thing with me
if you need no one so close

you don't really have to go that far
you don't really have to hide
yourself in a shell
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Lyrics to Emma
by Lovebugs

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