Lyrics to Angels With Enemies
by Lovedrug

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[edit]Song titleAngels With Enemies
[edit]Artist nameLovedrug
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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And I don't think we'll get out of this hell
But the time here with you has been nice
A cold love bloody knuckle trigger finger riding on the edge of mind
A salute to the end of the world and a beautiful end for you, girl

Because all night I've been picking fights
With the fur men and the bar stool kings
And when it sounds right, I'll bring them down to their knees, son
And with the glorious red, we'll be off with their heads

Phantoms in the courtyard waiting on the breeze to float after me
To a chamber of wailing ferns
The calm yellow air and the dark woolen skies say our villains will arise
Oh, haunted by two's, they wake by you

But it's alright in a scissor hell
And it's alright to fall deep in love
Find more similar lyrics on all night I'll be following matches
Into the dawn of light where I melt you

You gotta pull stars down to be someone
And when you've chemi-claimed the sun, you got it
And when the oceans fill your life somehow
You gotta break the damn and wave to yourself

You gotta pull stars down to be someone
And when you've chemi-claimed the sun, you got it
And when oceans fill your life somehow
You gotta break the damn and wave to yourself

And sometimes in a silver hell
You gotta search for gold
And in the right light
We're just angels with enemies
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Lyrics to Angels With Enemies
by Lovedrug

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