Lyrics to Mine
by Lowdy Low

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[edit]Song titleMine
[edit]Artist nameLowdy Low
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ey shawty is my type
We chattin on skype,
Her voice is sweet sweeter than a sugar mixed with honey,
She called me honey,
Called her back bunny,
Girl just take it you ain't needa ask
Anything you want you deserved it.
Reebok strikes?!Im on my way.
Your pleasure is my priority so just come lets make some love,
Stretch you body you know what and I know what and I know what you want,
I'm your mine, take your time, heres some dime, squeeze it like a lime,
don't you worry bout crossin the line matterfact don't you worry bout none,
The night is young and its nine all silent like ol'mime.
You say you need what?I'll dig the gold mine as long as you'll be fine,
Even romeo ain't got a shit on,
Even when bitches wanna drop it down om me
baby you can call me lowdy,
Cause your still my shawty on whatevercoast situation..ya digg?

Now listen up girl as if I'm the mayor,
I've been waitin patiently for you to come,
Turn me up, hit me up with that fire,
Make that thang on rollin, keep me fire burnin.
Touch my dead body and revieve it,
Your my oxygen,
I'mma be your boxing gent,
Lovin you like till my soul dies that's no lies,
Nomatter where your body lie I'mma fly there and pick you up high,
You my future for sure don't you know that I got everything you need right here in my pocket,
Keep our love lock down never shoot it out like a rocket.
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Welcome to the low dream,
Where ya'll become the cream,
Be the main frame,
Lookin like a kings fame,
A fans who ain't gonna blame,
you'd be my queen and I'm your king with no shame,
Baby light some flame,
We could play anything any game,
And you know what you gotta do is say the name,
Then dem haters'd be like Oh damn,
This the place where dimes and glame,
Got the beats goin and it ain't that lame,
Stuff up to the beat I came,
Godzilla would be tame,
There can be no pain,
Even when you jump down the window pane,
Cause there ain't a land,
you'll just fly down seeing no sand,
Singing like a mermaid from an island,
Be my guidance,
Join my fantasy this instance,
We'll take it insane,
Swet raining like were being steam,
Ya digg the main theme,
Keep it nicely deem,
Even stars and suns don't beam,
that's why I told you a thousand times,
Now shawty just come on to my club.
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Lyrics to Mine
by Lowdy Low

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