Lyrics to Darby's Song
by Lucero

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[edit]Song titleDarby's Song
[edit]Artist nameLucero
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Little girl you're still far too young
To have a heart that's been so broken
It might seem like you ain't got no one
Well I'm here for you

Told your mamma before she died
That I'd stay right by your side
I had to leave for just a little while
But now I'm here for you

Hardest part there is about dying
Are the ones who get left behind
I know your mamma wouldn't want you crying
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I loved your mamma more than she loved me
When you were born I was far from Tennessee
I came back home to hold you close to me
Now I'm here for you

You're far too precious to lose
I only want what's best for you
And that might not include me
Well I know it's true
I'm here for you
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Lyrics to Darby's Song
by Lucero

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