Lyrics to Nights Like These
by Lucero

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[edit]Song titleNights Like These
[edit]Artist nameLucero
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's nights like these that make me sleep all day
It's nights like these that make you feel so far away
It's nights like these when nothing is for sure
It's nights like these I don't want you anymore

And I've only got this one wish
That I was good enough to make you forget
The only boy who ever broke your heart
Cause nights like these tear me apart

Find more similar lyrics on's nights like these the sad songs don't help
It's nights like these your heart's with someone else
It's nights like these I feel like giving up
It's nights like these I don't seem to count for much

The beer tastes like blood and my mouth is numb
I can't make the words I need to say
She had a weakness for writers
And I was never that good at the words anyways
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Lyrics to Nights Like These
by Lucero

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