Lyrics to That Much Further West
by Lucero

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[edit]Song titleThat Much Further West
[edit]Artist nameLucero
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well I tried but I can't run no more
Tell Katie it's her that I adore
And as long as I love her best
I'm that much further west

And since she's been gone
I've done less right than I've done wrong
But I an't that much worse than the rest
I'm just that much further west

Find more similar lyrics on the boys they don't need my help
They can play these songs by themselves
Well I ain't that much worse than the rest
I'm that much further west

And the west is the only sky that's blue
Tell Katie that I'll see her soon
Until then the only thoughts that I have left
Are that much further west
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Lyrics to That Much Further West
by Lucero

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