Lyrics to Become or be Gone
by Luciferion

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[edit]Song titleBecome or be Gone
[edit]Artist nameLuciferion
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Reach for me, i'm the one that
cleans this mortal world
In my grasp's pure fire even shadow burns
Blessed to kneel you shall not be
If your will stronger is than fear

Kingdom of the void for the ones
Of the hollow faith
Blinded by the lies in their dream of a destiny
Paradise of ecstasy - victims of their wishes
In their fear praying for a way

Hailed shall be all tongues that speak
True blasphemy
In this world of lie every truth is a stone
Aimed against the serpent's wealth
In the eye throw it with wrath

Kingdom of the void for the ones
Of the hollow faith
Blinded by the lies in their dream of a destiny
Paradise of ecstasy - victims of their wishes
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Patterns clouded in depths...
Secrets disclosed through the
virtue of higher sense
Left in shadows for the inconscient race
Hypnotized in satiety mortal remain

Immortal life... they wish
In realms beyond this
Yet vacuous they'll remain
Amidst their waste

Walking, honest my way
Victims sublime are the gateway to further state
Self so genuine carries me on
Purified in consciousness astral become

Yet saved they still can be
In the world they crawl on
By own resolve preserved
From nothingness
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Lyrics to Become or be Gone
by Luciferion

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