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[edit]Song titleLast of a Dying Breed (Move the Crowd)
[edit]Artist nameLudacris
[edit]FeaturingLil' Wayne
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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amazing intro...

If hadn't killed so many niggas in the booth
I'd sell rappers on e-bay,
cause every one of me verses have been instant like replay,
speakers get blown
like candles on your b-day,
cause Luda's ?? got more records then your dj,
the bank yells MAYDAY!
cause everydays pay day,
I put it on tape
then I sell it like Ray-J,
but not out the stove (nope)
stright to the buyer,
cause I slung them out my trunk
like the D.C sniper,
and six albums later you'll deposit every word
till your memory bank gives me the credit I deserve,
top five damn right but really it just hit me
that three of your top five to scared to fuck with me,
so how can I advance if you don´t give me no opponents
how can you see the future if you living for the moment'
hip-hop couldn't die I didn't offer my condolence
but i'll offer ya'll a day of atonement
cause I´m a lyricist to the death...

Hook (Ludacris)
I'm a lyricist till the death,
So I got whatchya need,
Ludacris, I'm the last of a dying breed,
And we almost extinct,
So I'm saying it loud,
Say it with me: 'MC please move the crowd'
Say it with me: 'MC please move the crowd'
Say it with me: 'MC please move the crowd'


Lil Wayne
I got it baby!
And I´m a MC,
I move the ground like Moses,
Like the Red Sea,
I wear red like roses,
Go against me and you be dead like roses,
Spittin` at yo head for the
bread like toastas,
Never had a `oaster,
I keep it on my lap,
And hip-hop ain't dead it just
had a heart attack,
But you see I keep it pumpin,
Yeah I got that hard back,
So just call me little carter,
Or little cardiac,
Find more similar lyrics on like an artifact,
Valuble like a quarterback,
Edibale like they call me Jack,
Fuck that pipe and start `ack,
And now did he thought a that,
I mean now did he think a that
I mean now did I think a that
I´m like that little bring-you-back,
I mean now did I think of that,
I just buy my self some time,
Some one could throw me a suprise
party for every rhyme,
Everytime I do it,
I do it dity like slime,
For the dirty and fine,
Hip Hop I'm alive!

Hook (Lil Wayne')
I'm a lyricist till the death,
& I got whatchya need,
Weezy F., the last of a dying breed,
And we almost extinct,
So I'm saying it loud,
Say it with me: 'MC please move the crowd'
Say it with me: 'MC please move the crowd'
Say it with me: 'MC please move the crowd'

They say oh really don´t like em, (NO!)
oprah wont invite em, (NO!!)
the president deounced em, (NO!!!)
no one will announce em, (NO!!!!)
Controversial lyrics like I´m cryin for help
very talented but I should be ashamed of myself,
but this is my art, this is my music
I´m speaking from the heart,
here record it now loose it,
bite my tongue for no one
i'll put you on blast,
so all the news channels
ya'll can kiss my ass,
and if I diss it I can take it
fix it if you break it,
could hit rock bottom
and I´m still gonna make it, (WHY)
cause I´m a born hustler,
a natural servivour,
a seed of a gangster,
I put that on my father,
youtube or google me turn it up and play it
cause many people think it
I just have the balls to say it,
and risk loosing everything
I stand for the weak
plus I live for the freedom of speech cause...

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