Lyrics to I Knew You That Way
by Luke Bryan

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[edit]Song titleI Knew You That Way
[edit]Artist nameLuke Bryan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The secret way long shadows bleed into the night
The Desperate way leaves in the fall hold colors tight
The way that thunder knows the taste of summer rain
I knew you that way

The way that cool mountain water dances down to the sea
Bound by something strong but still so wild and free
It gives into the passion of the pair that takes
I knew you that way

I held you closer than I had a right to hold
But the only thing that time can't take away
Is I knew you that way

The way that skin on skin can start a crazy fire
Find more similar lyrics on no one sees but burns all night with desire
The quiet easing love that makes a woman wanna stay
I knew you that way

I held you closer than I had a right to hold
But the only thing that time can't take away
Is I knew you that way

The holy way that love knows it should not end
The sacred way that stars got sailors home again
Like teardrops know the words to amazing grace
I knew you that way
I knew you that way
I knew you that way
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Lyrics to I Knew You That Way
by Luke Bryan

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