Lyrics to Die a Violent Death
by Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc.

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[edit]Song titleDie a Violent Death
[edit]Artist nameLunatics Without Skateboards Inc.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Fighting in the streets, bombs exploding near
East and west are fighting, people die in fear
The faith rules the land, death rules hell
At the front-line we stand, mankind will fall

War - Die a violent death
War - Die a violent death

Die a violent death, New York will be smashed
We will die laughing, waiting for the death
Priests praying this night, for all human life
Our destiny is far away, the end is so near

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War - Die a violent death

Towns are burning, now destruction is complete
Armies won't surrender, but fight until their death
Radiation feels so near, cold hot winds blow
Living for destruction, somewhere in you soul

War - Die a violent death
War - Die a violent death

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Lyrics to Die a Violent Death
by Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc.

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