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Kick, Push 2 by Lupe Fiasco

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[edit]Song titleKick, Push 2
[edit]Artist nameLupe Fiasco
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Look at what we did, we came a long way from dirty ghetto kids. x3

Verse 1
Well the cops didn't fine him for grindin' no.
They kinda blew the vibe, figured it was time to go,
plus he had to be home a long time ago,
and he had made like ten dollars off the sign he wrote.
It read, "a lil' hungry, and I need a lil' money,
it's for my lil' sister, and her lil' tummy.
wasn't lying, no he didn't go by hydro.
Went to the resturant and bought two gabros.
'Cuz he knew they wasn't cookin' where he live.
The kakunk kakunk kakunks now took him to the crib.
A little hurt from the rail, he taken to the ribs.
Right past the pushas who couldn't underdig.
"What's the use of pushin', you ain't pushin none of this."
If I kick it wit' ya'll I'm just pushin' for a bid.
What was on his mind ain't pushin' to the lid.
They best customer wasn't cookin' for a kids...yessir

He kick push, over his shoulder he swore he'd never look.
'Cuz wasn't nothing back there but the blackness.
Life wasn't too attractive. x2

Verse 2
Yeah, you see his mom was a crackhead,
and his father couldn't be contacted.
He lived with being different and was combated.
Amongst the other things on his young black head.
And see his girl was a white girl,
but just cuz she white her life wasn't like world.
She too had the drama thick. Had a daddy and a mama,
but her daddy used to mama hit.
Daddy caught something chasing fatties made her mama sick.
Find more similar lyrics on couldn't afford the medicine, pimped her to the pharmacist.
As suicidal feelings would ride and switch over the transitions help her conquer it.
Pays for mama's pills with her sponsership,
her cellphone bill and a honda kit.
Uh huh, and that's why she skates with he,
someone to feel her pain and a place to be.
that's why, that's why, that's why

She kick push, over her shoulder she swore she never look.
'Cuz wasn't nothing back there but the blackness.
Life wasn't too attractive. x2

Verse 3
Yeah, a traveling band of misfits and outcasts.
Nod they heads from misfits to outkast.
A lot of scars they did this without pads.
A lot of hearts that did this without dads.
Ones father was filthy rich, two was middle class, and one was homeless.
And then the paralyzed girl in the wheelchair who just liked to watch
and that was the whole clique.
I think about 'em everytime I see this old flick
that was taken in the park infront of this old bench.
It wrote on the back "We thank for push kick.
Hope you make a video. The beat was so sick."
Well I did. I hope you seen it. it's on MTV.
Soundtracks a genius. Love Tony Hawk, beef from Ice Creamers.
Before we put it out, had to pay the Filipinas.

Just to show 'em how to kick push, over your shoulders you swore you'd never look.
'Cuz wasn't nothing back there but the blackness. Life wasn't too attractive.

That's why you kick push, over your shoulders you swore you'd never look.
'Cuz wasn't nothing back there but the blackness. Life wasn't too attractive.
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Kick, Push 2 by Lupe Fiasco

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