Lyrics to This Ugly
by Luxt

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[edit]Song titleThis Ugly
[edit]Artist nameLuxt
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Worming to infest, not quite blood & far from flesh,
this ugly only shows it's shadows.
Running through the downpour, sore from all the sex,
what's coming scares me still it ain't that bad though.
The hints and disciplines, crying wolf from deep within,
this ugly wants what it won't tell me.
Still I guess the best I can, breaking bones to understand,
but still I'll buy all it will sell me.

This ugly wants. This ugly chains me
This ugly taunts. This ugly drains me
This ugly lies. This ugly tricks me
Find more similar lyrics on ugly patiently whips, fucks and licks me

Knocking at my skull, finding every blade too dull,
the vault is keeping me at arms length.
Smashing with my head, such a lovely shade of red,
the drive is violent yet disarming.

Pictures, jis & moans,
sitting worshipping alone abuse is better for myself.
This ugly still wants in, self indulgence is too thin,
so onward with the hardware, force and stealth
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Lyrics to This Ugly
by Luxt

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