Lyrics to Always Move Fast
by Lydia

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[edit]Song titleAlways Move Fast
[edit]Artist nameLydia
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Can we take the streets? Because there's a horrible crash.
Standing on the highway, a girl and her dad.
You say yea, it's far too much for me,
far too fast of scenery but your voice,
and your lips are moving words that I cannot breach the noise.
Just remember always move fast.
We know you, we own you.
Go home and leave me at the door or we can stay outside of your house
and just wait for the morning.
I heard you can't stay too long the morning's got you worried.
Because the sun holds a sea of troubles and an early drive away.
So I guess I'll just stay for a while I guess
you knew just from how I smiled.
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Just remember always move fast.
We know you, we own you.
Go home and leave me at the door or we can stay outside of your house
and just wait for the morning.
I've seen your sadness grow.
and it swallows these days until it hurts to breathe.
She whispers, thanks for your time tonight,
but you are not awake yet you are not awake I swear.
She screams, it's all been in your dream with nothing tangible.
The girl, this house, the highway, your mind made it real.
Just remember always move fast.
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Lyrics to Always Move Fast
by Lydia

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