Lyrics to Woman Lives for Love
by Lynn Anderson

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[edit]Song titleWoman Lives for Love
[edit]Artist nameLynn Anderson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I don't mind waiting up for you late hours and I
always try to smile when you come in I don't mind
getting up so early get the kids to school and you
off to work again Sometimes a woman's life is not
so easy and the man at times is hard to understand
And I know that sometimes you think you faild me
But in your way I know you do the best you can So
Find more similar lyrics on'll do anything for you anything you want me to
And never once will you hear me complain For my
day is made at night when you kiss and hold me
tight And say you love me cause a woman lives for
love steel
So I'll do anything for you...
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Lyrics to Woman Lives for Love
by Lynn Anderson

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