Lyrics to Intro
by M83 & Zola Jesus

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[edit]Song titleIntro
[edit]Artist nameM83
[edit]FeaturingZola Jesus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We didn't need a story, we didn't need a real world
We just had to keep walking
And we became the stories, we became the places
We were the lights, the deserts, the faraway worlds
We were you before you even existed

I carry on, carry on, carry on
And after us the flood
Carry on, carry on, carry on
Our silver horn it leads the way
Banners of gold shine
In the cold, in the cold, in the cold
Find more similar lyrics on of snow
Blind from the road

We carry on, carry on
Follow us, we are one
The battle's fought, the deed is done
Our silver hum runs deep and strong
Hand to the heart, lips to the horn
Hand on my breast, I'll keep you warm
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Lyrics to Intro
by M83 & Zola Jesus

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