Lyrics to Just my Imagination
by Mac Miller

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[edit]Song titleJust my Imagination
[edit]Artist nameMac Miller
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wake up in my king size bed
Girls all around me
Eyes all red
The true life of a player kid
It's nice to wake up to a naked bitch
Got the finest clothes, diamond toes
Goin to sleep on a pile of dough
Liquers, phantoms, yards, mansions
Piff in the cannons
House in the hamptons
(Livin it up)
Big parties every night
This is the life of the paradise
My main man twist done told'em right
I make'em celebrities over night
Grammys, oscars, starin in movies
Gotta pool house, 4 cars, and jacuzzis
On my way up, gettin my cake up
Wake up

It was just my imagination,
Runnin away with me
It was just my imagination
Runnin away
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I got groupies, who got groupies
An I buy a new car every two weeks
My chain got diamonds in it
And my whip got a diamond finish
Got the mtv j-j-jam of the week
Sign autographs when I stand in the street
Plus I been all over B.E.T.
Columbia records, and D.T.P.
Both want me to sign to their label
Plus I got my own channel on cable
Always fresh courtside, best view
Kanye west and beats from the neptunes
Stackin cream, magazines
Kids dressed like me on halloween
They lovin my mixtapes
Money like bill gates
I'm on top and it feels great

It was just my imagination,
Runnin away with me
It was just my imagination
Runnin away
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Lyrics to Just my Imagination
by Mac Miller

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