Lyrics to Be all you can be
by Mac

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[edit]Song titleBe all you can be
[edit]Artist nameMac
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Silkk Fiend
Yo, it's ya boy Silkk. Hey, hey.
(?) Know what I'm sayin?
I got Fiend and Mac in here.
These soldiers, warriors
Know what I'm sayin? And survivors know but
We're in serious times.

Chorus - Fiend
I said all our soldiers in the streets
Life ain't always guaranteed
(There's no guarantee)
Some of this aimed for you and me
But it's a ghetto war
So be all you can be

That's why your big brother Fiend gon holler
And I really meant, I don't wanna
be here if I don't gotta
Not tryin to discourage, a lotta
But look in my eyes
Even though we camouflaged I can't
disguise the pain we got
That's why I ride all night
Smokin till I can't smoke no more
Wanna forget some of the shit we saw
With that old dirty four oh
Wanna give money to the poor folk
But got one eighty and one quarter
Splitin that three ways
That's between my momma, sister and her daughter

Chorus X 2

This life shit is way so serious
Don't wanna question you Lord, but I'm so curious
I sleep amongst killers I don't know who to trust
I meet beucoup bitches and now it's cool to fuck
I made it from nothin to havin little change
Now niggas in my hood they look at me strange
I live for the moment cuz I'm afraid of my future
Don't let me die, oh Lord why
I look myself in my eyes and I see why thugs cry
Shell shocked, I get that from my pops
And he told me keep it cocked, so I keep it cocked
Life is but a dream and we all seein
And if seein is believin, don't
wake me up this evening

Chorus X 2
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All I know, is I don't wanna go
But I don't wanna be here either
If I gotta be here killin and sellin dope
The world is a ghetto
And I be wonderin if y'all could be feelin my pain
Tryin to put it down the best way I know how
When I'm gone y'all can remember my name
If I die tomorrow, don't be sorry
Let it be known I told the truth
And never know what's gon
happen when I'm done rappin
Doin my song, in this booth
And if I die, tell P he keeps my legacy alive
My chance was slim
And if it had to happen, let it be known
I'm glad it happened to me, instead of them
Now desperate times call for desperate measures
Ain't no pleasure in killin
Ain't no pleasure either in going
without feedin for weeks
Have you ever had that feeling?
No guarantees, Lord please,
can't bring back the past
Can't buy time either, so I guess
what's the use of havin cash?
And look now, penitentiary's packed
With niggas who had dreams to be rich
Man spend a little bit, have a little something
Dead men can't spend shit
I'll trade some of this money for this pain
Trade some of this money for this fame
P nigga you think it's easy dog
But it ain't cuz I been with
you throughout this game

Mo B Dick
I thought we could flip keys together
I thought we could make g's together
Now I know what's going on
I gotta make these dollars all night long
I thought you saw the bigger picture
How could you betray your closest nigga?
How can I ever trust you again?
Tell me, man

Yo Fiend, yo Mac.
It's real.
Gotta be able to do it.
So many niggas wanna see you fall dog.
We gon ball y'all, for real.
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Lyrics to Be all you can be
by Mac

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