Lyrics to Get yo Bang on
by Mack 10

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[edit]Song titleGet yo Bang on
[edit]Artist nameMack 10
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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*Phone Ringing*
Yeah Ay nigga
Whassup homey? This fool just came on the block and tried
Who? Who? smash on all the homies
Nigga what happened? Ay nigga get yo shit!
What happened dog? Get yo shit!
What? Just meet me on the block
I'm on my way *click*

I don't know about you but all I wanna do is get my bang on
Stay strapped with a sack while niggas watch my back
Well nigga get yo bang on

Verse 1: Mack I hear some niggas gotta
problem wit the 'Wood (Wassup?)
I see the homiez got they straps & they ready in the hood
So I'm loadin' up my weapon steppin'
callin' up the crew cause ass-whippins we ain't accepting.
And I ain't lettin' shit go
Niggas got to back up bowdown or get wet up with ammo (blaow)
Muthafuckers got to pay
run up on 'em like a thief in the night cause I don't play

Mack10: At night I can't sleep I'm tossin & turnin'
So I stray from the yak & smoke sherman
Gotta hobble to my leg & the hood's gettin bigger
I'm paranoid sleepin with my finger on the trigga
and now my bitches stressin that I'm livin wrong
Cause I'm fresh out the pen & gettin my serve on (gunshots)
It's all about murda when me & Sweepthru roll
So fuck da enemies & we dumpin when we see some SO

Chorus I don't know about you but all I wanna do is get my bang on
Stay strapped with a sack while niggas watch my back
(What you want?) Just wanna get my bang on
I don't know about you but all I wanna do is get my bang on
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It's the life of a G I got to live

Verse 2: Them rocks movin slow on the block
Nigga one time hot & we just lost a dope spot(damn)
Got me curb servin under pressure
I'm so paranoid at night I keep my glock on the dresser
Mack10: This 187 got my mind under stress
cause even clamin' Dub S (W/S) you need a bulletproof vest
You know the game nigga when ya Doggin' & Loccin'
Kill the 1st thing moving and catch the 1st thing smokin
All I wanna hear is buckshots & guts out
Niggas gaspin for they breath
that's the type o' shit I'm talkin about(fo sho)
AFT!: You niggas cruisin for a bruisin'
Hey Mack get ya ammo cock the tool that ya usin'
Mack10: Til they gone to the back dog
Cause when they come thru the 'Wood they betta know how to act dog
Connect gang punk, yell a hood out &(WESTSIDE) bust
& nigga fuck every click that ain't down with us(fuck em)
Fuck em & feed em fish niggas get dismissed
Connect Gang bang at the top of the list
Ya know with colored bandanas & clips like bananas
Homicides when we ride til the world wanna ban us(Nigga)

Talking: Mack I don't know about you But
all I wanna do is get my bang on
Sweepthru I don't know about you but all
I wanna do is get my bang on
Stayin high as a kite hangin out on my block all nite
Smokin weed til I'm high as a kite
Fuckin with hoodrat bitches 100% Mack 10 on they tittie
All I wanna do is get my bang on
Inglewood on they ankles
Ha ha haa
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Lyrics to Get yo Bang on
by Mack 10

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