Lyrics to The Chosen One
by Maher Zain

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[edit]Song titleThe Chosen One
[edit]Artist nameMaher Zain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In a time of darkness and greed
It is your light that we need
You came to teach us how to live
Muhammad Ya Rasool Allah

You were so caring and kind
Your soul was full of light
You are the best of mankind
Muhammad Khaira Khalqillah
Sallu ‘ala Rasulillah, Habib Al Mustafa
Peace be upon The Messenger
The Chosen One

From luxury you turned away
And all night you would pray
Truthful in every word you say
Muhammad Ya Rasul Allah

Your face was brighter than the sun
Your beauty equaled by none
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Muhammad Khaira Khalqillah
Sallu ‘ala Rasulillah, Habib Al Mustafa
Peace be upon The Messenger
The Chosen One

I will try to follow your way
And do my best to live my life
As you taught me
I pray to be close to you
On that day and see you smile
When you see me
Sallu ‘ala Rasulillah, Habibil Mustafa
Peace be upon The Messenger
The Chosen One

Sallu ‘ala Rasulillah, Habibi Mustafa
Peace be upon The Messenger
The Chosen One
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Lyrics to The Chosen One
by Maher Zain

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