Lyrics to I'll Just Pretend
by Mandy Barnett

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[edit]Song titleI'll Just Pretend
[edit]Artist nameMandy Barnett
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Somewhere between the here and now
Heartaches begin, I'll just pretend
You'll never know the way I feel
We've reached the end, I'll just pretend

Pretending you still love me
The way you used to do
Pretending that the promises
You made will still come true
They still come true

And if by chance we meet again
Find more similar lyrics on'll smile and then, I'll just pretend

Believing don't come easy
Pretending it's not true
I can't convince this heart of mine
That you're pretending too
That you're pretending too

And if by chance we meet again
We'll smile and then, I'll just pretend
We'll smile and then, I'll just pretend
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Lyrics to I'll Just Pretend
by Mandy Barnett

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