Lyrics to Christmas
by Mandy Moore

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[edit]Song titleChristmas
[edit]Artist nameMandy Moore
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm not supposed to
feel this way
We're closing in on
Christmas day
When the world is upside down
We're gonna make it through

Don't you worry
We'll be fine
Snow will fall
And stars will shine
Even in the worst of times
It's Christmas
For the ones you leave behind

The colours of our country still
In mother's hands and
father's will
Even when we're half awake
They cannot take our
heroes away (away)

Don't you worry
Find more similar lyrics on'll be fine
Snow will fall
And stars will shine
Even in the worst of times
It's Christmas
For the ones you leave behind

Behind, behind, behind
Oh, hey, hey-hey-hey

Don't you worry
We'll be fine
Snow will fall
And stars will shine
Even for the ordinary
Everybody needs to carry
Everybody, have a
merry Christmas
From the ones you leave behind

Behind, behind

Merry Christmas
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Lyrics to Christmas
by Mandy Moore

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