Lyrics to (Wanted) Dead or Alive
by Manhattan Transfer

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[edit]Song title(Wanted) Dead or Alive
[edit]Artist nameManhattan Transfer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The rule of the tyrants decline
The year, 1979
From Uganda to Nicaragua
It's bombs and bullets all the time
So they corrupt, so they vile
So it's coup after coup all the while
Human rights they violate
They think they too damn great
So in disgrace now they live in exile

Gairy is a wanted man
Idi Amin is a wanted man
Shah of Iran tried so hard to survive
He too was wanted dead or alive

Strikes, demonstrations & wars
Injustice is always the cause
Politicians turn too soon from
poor people into tycoons
Corruption must bring harass
South African Vorster resign in disgrace
Muzurewa take away Ian Smith place
The Uganda devil was easily cat straddled
Beaten up and chased, what a waste.

Gairy is a wanted man
Find more similar lyrics on is a wanted man
Ali Bhutto try so hard to survive
He too was wanted dead or alive.

The Shah had a short time to live
Because the Ayatollah don't forgive
When you see church ruling state
With pure vengeance and hate
Situation must be explosive
General Somoza from Nicaragua
Thought it was easy with the Sandanistas
With the help of Venezuela, Panama and Cuba
They kick him straight to America

Gairy is a wanted man
Park Chung Hee was a wanted man
Achem Pong tried so hard to survive
He too was wanted dead or alive

Gairy is a wanted man
Idi Amin is a wanted man
Shah of Iran tried so hard to survive
He too was wanted dead or alive

Bang...You're dead
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Lyrics to (Wanted) Dead or Alive
by Manhattan Transfer

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