Lyrics to Keeper of Time - Eternal Champion
by Manticora

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[edit]Song titleKeeper of Time - Eternal Champion
[edit]Artist nameManticora
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"In love and dreams she comes to me... The
Keeper of Time"

Life as a soldier was all to easy for me - To
eradicate and annihilate fit my identity Raised as
a fighting machine, to destroy the enemy threat
Suddenly and with no sense you came with the

Sons and daughters of war, I have witnessed a
creature I can't control anymore Fell in love with
a girl of the future, now talk to me, teach me...
war lovers we will be!

You made a difference in the chaos I saw - You
gave me a reason not to fight anymore In between
rage and sudden death - You gave me hope - you
stole my breath

Brainwashed in the art of war I've got the will to
fight on - All sense of humanity is a history
-long gone Following the orders - no remorse or no
fear - You appeared to me Like a mad dream here

Then you came from a distant unknown, between
dream and reality Fighting together from time to
time, now talk to me, teach me... war lovers we
will be!

Find more similar lyrics on met you in your past, but in my future in a
meeting still to come And listened to your
whispers, you had a voice that made me numb Your
eyes blazed like jewels in the sun as you
whispered in my ear I'll take care of you my love
- you've got nothing to fear

When morning came, we kept each other perfectly
warm in the chilling breeze Constantly sand or
snow tore at naked walls Your voice burred with
the hint of an accent unknown Constantly sand or
snow tore at naked walls

In a time of passion I close my eyes....... And
see : Bodies burning in the solid laser light Heat
of plasma explosions as I try to survive the night
Fireballs enlarging as I lie among the dead More
dead to come as suns explode in ruby red


Star systems, extinct in spasms of deadly fire
Thickened air itself aflame as I can't control my
desire Seas of superheated air rise in vast pulses
of flame Blazing in mad heat - you brought a war
from where you came

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Lyrics to Keeper of Time - Eternal Champion
by Manticora

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