Lyrics to On a sea of Grass - day
by Manticora

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[edit]Song titleOn a sea of Grass - day
[edit]Artist nameManticora
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Approaching the storm"

...and on they sail without water
Overwhelmed by sudden emotions
Looking at the sky (they'll see)
Luminescence from vast explosions

So we're finally leaving the ship
Haunted by the stench of death
Watching destruction sweep the sky
Everyone will lose their breath
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...and on they search for the Templar
Lost from sight in a frenzied bloodbath
Setting out watch, controlling weapons
Invisible monster on a killing path

So we're finally leaving the ship
Haunted by the stench of death
Watching destruction sweep the sky
Everyone will lose their breath
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Lyrics to On a sea of Grass - day
by Manticora

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