Lyrics to Deadly Serenade
by Marc Almond

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[edit]Song titleDeadly Serenade
[edit]Artist nameMarc Almond
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You're like a lonely hunter
Stalking your prey
In your eyes a hunger
Never fades
You strike at my heart
And your song of love
Is a deadly serenade

You're like the spider
waiting in the shade
Your wicked charms
Will all display
I'm caught in your web
And your song of love
Is a deadly serenade

And your song of love
Is a deadly serenade

So beat your wings baby
Find more similar lyrics on on) Don't delay
'Cause you're the
debt collector
And you're waiting to be paid
You're like a bird of prey
And your song of love
Is a deadly serenade

I love that song
Is a deadly serenade

And your song of love
Is a deadly serenade

I love that song
(sing it to me)
(sing me that song)
I love that song
(sing me that song)
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Lyrics to Deadly Serenade
by Marc Almond

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