Lyrics to Rosey Risin'
by Marcy Playground

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[edit]Song titleRosey Risin'
[edit]Artist nameMarcy Playground
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Rosy Rising
Wake up child and greet the sun
Morning time has just begun
What? Surprised you're alive another day
In the time of revelation, yeah
You walk down to the church uptown
And you stand in the fountain looking down
And you think as you listen to the bells of St John's
(ding... dang... dong)
How so much time has gone
Aw, Rosy Rising
Get your big fat booty out of bed
Stretch your toes and scratch your head
Before life gets wasted on the dead another day
In the time of revelation, yeah

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The time of revelation's come at last
So walk down to the church uptown
And stand in the fountain, don't look down
And smile when you listen to the bells of St. John's
(ding... dang... dong)
'Cause there ain't nothing wrong
Rosy Rising
Wake up child and greet the sun
Half your life has just begun
What? Surprised you're alive another day
Just to have this revelation, yeah
In the time of revelation, yeah
And it's a heartfelt revelation, yeah
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Lyrics to Rosey Risin'
by Marcy Playground

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