Lyrics to Coffee in bed
by Maria

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[edit]Song titleCoffee in bed
[edit]Artist nameMaria
[edit]Lyrics languageMalay
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I thought you know mw well enough that you could tell
That just one thing will do when I'm in this mood
And what I'm craving is, you flavor on my lips
So won't you fill me up, 'cause I've waited for this

All day long it's on my mind
There's no way to unwind
Until I get back home, and you put it on

I like my coffee in bed
It only takes one sip to go to my head
I never have to say no sugar or cream, baby
Find more similar lyrics on'Cause you know what I need, my black coffee

Now if I seem selfish, it's 'cause I can't resist
Even though I've tried, I still crave I crave that high
And yeah, it's obvious that I can't get enough
So if you serve it hot, I'll say when to stop

Baby, you're getting so close I can't taste it
I don't want a drop to be wasted
So just slow down and take your time
'Cause you know what I like
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Lyrics to Coffee in bed
by Maria

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