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Three Minute Boy by Marillion

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[edit]Song titleThree Minute Boy
[edit]Artist nameMarillion
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here today
Gone this afternoon
Another tune
We almost remember

What's the story
Sex and drugs again
Business as usual
The clock's already ticking

La la la la

When he was young
Staring at the TV
He watched the fun
Happening to other people

Now they scream
As they run after him
Like a dream
Like Elvis and the Beatles

A three minute song is all he wrote
He only did it for a joke
They played him on the radio
From Tokyo to Timbuktu

A three minute boy,
ain't that somethin?
They named their children after him
The good times rolled beneath his feet
He skipped along the one-way street

She's a pretty girl
She don't know how it started
She made a movie
He almost remembered

She measured up
They moved into a basement
Find more similar lyrics on"We're so in love!"
They giggled to the nation

La la la la

Three minute millionaire they said
The numbers rattled round his head
They spun him three
times round the globe
She waited patiently at home

And all the pretty girls wanted him
In places that he'd never been
Too much love will do you in
Forgive Forgive Forgive Forgive

Yeah Yeah Ooo

Three minute kid is here again
Surrounded by three minute friends
He found someone to understand
To shock the world and hold his hand
No religion, no restraint
No direction, No complaints
No future and No way out
No time now to think about it
All the moneys gone
He don't know what they spent it on
Girlfriends gone off with the jag
Gone back to her mum and dad
He's curled up on the studio floor
He just can't do it anymore
The flashgun went off without warning
He'll read about it tomorrow morning...

(She's goin' out with
someone "new"
In this week at number two
Three minute boy ain't that somethin.)
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Three Minute Boy by Marillion

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