Lyrics to Tumble Down the Years
by Marillion

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[edit]Song titleTumble Down the Years
[edit]Artist nameMarillion
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She took my hand and said
"Let's go together"
"You and me against the world"
And so we stuck it out through
still and stormy weather
And so we tumbled down the years
I took her hand and said
"Let's go together"
Just you and me against the world
Let's go together
Stay together
We'll tumble down the years
And we'll come to find the key behind it all

We never stopped to see if
we were still in step
We never checked each other's eyes
To see who lived in there behind them
And down the years we disappeared

Find more similar lyrics on's go together
Say no together
We'll tumble down the years
Let's try together
Let's lie together
We'll tumble down the years

And though we never found
the key behind it all
I think we came to know the
meaning of the fall

Let's go together
We said "forever"
You and me against the world
Hold on together
And damn the river
We'll tumble down the years
We'll tumble down the years
We'll tumble down the years
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Lyrics to Tumble Down the Years
by Marillion

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