Lyrics to Let Your ego die
by Marilyn Manson

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[edit]Song titleLet Your ego die
[edit]Artist nameMarilyn Manson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The clock is a ring on her finger
That she checks
When she's out of time
The cigarette's a spike
In the spur of the moment
Digging in her side
She cuts the paper with nails
And her pen is bleeding poetry
Nervous from the sex that she got
Find more similar lyrics on the wine that she spilled
On her clean, white, white sheets
Like to see you, baby,
All torn up inside
Girl you're dead already
So just let your ego die
Girl you're dead already
So just let your ego die
Die, die, die
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Lyrics to Let Your ego die
by Marilyn Manson

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