Lyrics to Don't Disappear now
by Marshall Crenshaw

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[edit]Song titleDon't Disappear now
[edit]Artist nameMarshall Crenshaw
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(M. Crenshaw, T. Teeley)

There is a certain appeal
to danger and pain
When she whispered those words, I said
"What's your name?"
Right then I knew in my heart
That we shouldn't start
But there you go...
Could she mess up my mind?
She looked so fine
I just had to know...
So we got into her car
And drove to her place
We didn't stop making love
For thirty long days
Until the telephone rang
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All it took was her smile
The wink of her eye
The wave of her hand
So just imagine how I'm feeling right now
No word from her again today
Did she follow that dream
like a flaming star
I hope she hasn't gone to stay
I just wish that I could find a way
To make her hear these words somehow
I need you bad
Don't disappear now
We'll meet again by and by
'Til then I'll try to
keep moving my shoes
One step ahead of the blues
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Lyrics to Don't Disappear now
by Marshall Crenshaw

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