Marvin Gaye - Midnight Lady Lyrics
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[edit]Song titleMidnight Lady
[edit]Artist nameMarvin Gaye
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So let me tell you 'bout
last Saturday night
The club was rocking
rocking, super freaks hanging out
Wall to wall
wall, they tell me something's goingenter deleted
on in the men's room
Soon as we come out out, we'll be high soonenter added
Did you save a line for the ladies
We're not into that are you crazy
Who's the super freak in the red dress
When she starts to shakeenter deleted
it, I can't take itenter added
Get in the groove andenter deleted
boogie to the beat beat, baby
Get in the groove andenter deleted
boogie to the beat beat, baby
Shake it baby, shake it pretty
We got the party, we got the soundsenter added
We're off in the streets andenter deleted
all the freaks are getting down
Get in the groove baby, andenter deleted
boogie to the beat
Shake, shake your thing
You freaky thing, the way youenter deleted
move you drive me crazyenter added
You freaky thing, you freaky thing
You make me rock
rock, you make me rock
You turn me on
the way you dance
The way you danceenter added
Midnight lady, sexy dancer
Hot and hardy, love to party
We're jammin' to love
Major love minor loveenter added
Jammin' to a great crescendo
Let's party baby, shake it, shake it
Party night to remember
remember, oh, everybody's having fun
Come on and party turn the green light onenter added
When I saw you
you, I had to stop
I had to stop in the middle of a bop
I had to stop
stop, I got the rhythm
I got the rhythmenter added
Love is everywhere for the making
Freaks is everywhere for the taking
Blues is in the air if you sing it
Happiness come back if you bring it
I'm having me a good timeenter added
Midnight lady, midnight lady
Rockin' and finger poppin'
Somebody said you was a super freak
I'm here to tell you I'menter deleted
a super freak babyenter added
Get in the groove
Get in the groove
Get in the grooveenter added
We got to rock, we got the rhythm
We got to come on down to the boogie
Feeling good (ad lib)enter added
Check that classy rhythm
Give me that sexy beat
I dig that feeling jam
Midnight lady, sexyenter added
You are the one I'm looking for
I never, never, never knew before
Oh, baby, you're looking too good
Super freaky
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Lyrics versions21Show words ADDED in version 2 as green
Show words REMOVED in version 1 as red

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Marvin Gaye - Midnight Lady Lyrics
changes from version 1 to 2

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