Lyrics to Trouble Man
by Marvin Gaye

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[edit]Song titleTrouble Man
[edit]Artist nameMarvin Gaye
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I come up hard baby, and that ain't cool
I didn't make it sugar, playin' by the rules
I come up hard baby, but now I'm fine
I'm shakin' trouble sugar, movin' down the line
I come up hard but that's okay
'Cause trouble man, don't get in my way
I come up hard, baby

I've been for real, baby, gonna keep movin', gonna go to town
I come up hard and now I'm gettin' down
There's only three things that's for sure
Taxes, death and trouble
This I know baby, this I know sugar
Girl, and you never let it sweat you, baby

Got me singin', yeah, yeah, ooh
Come up hard, baby, I had to fight
To keep my dignity with all my might
I come up hard, come up hard, I had to win
Then start all over and win again
I come up hard but that's okay
'Cause trouble man don't get in my way, hey, hey
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I know some places and I seen some faces
I got my connections, they take my directions
What people say, that's okay, they don't bother me, no
I'm ready to make it, don't care 'bout the weather
Don't care 'bout no trouble, got myself together
Laughin', no cryin', my protection's all around me

I come up hard, baby, I've been for real, baby
With the trouble man, movin', goin' tight
I come up hard, come on, get down
There's only three things for sure
Taxes, death and trouble, oh
This I know, baby, this I've known, baby
Hey now, let it sweat, baby, ooh

All right, baby, ooh
I've come up hard, but now I'm cool
I didn't make it, baby, playin' by the rules
I've come up hard, baby, but now I'm fine
I'm shakin' trouble, sure, hey, movin' down the line, oh
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Marvin Gaye Trouble Man Recording details & track overview

Trouble Man 3:48 Trk 6 Marvin Gaye Original release Nov. 21, 1972 Tamla Records single #54228 released Nov. 21,1972 Pop Chart #7 Dec. 16, 1972+ Album: 'Trouble Man' Motown Records LA, CA. #31453-0097-2 MST; Fox Movie 'Trouble Man' Marvin Gaye - composer, drums, keybrds vocals & producer. Trevor Lawre - sax (alto, baritone & tenor) Bob Ragland - piano, strings, arr. This trk - arr. Dale Oehler (horn & rhythm) Gene Page - strings & strings arr., James Anthon - horn & horn arr., Jack Hayes - arr, J.J. Johnson, Jerry Long & Leo Shuken - arr......MORE.....(all Trouble Man track/recording details)

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Lyrics to Trouble Man
by Marvin Gaye

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