Lyrics to Ellis Island
by Mary Black

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[edit]Song titleEllis Island
[edit]Artist nameMary Black
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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From the corner of my eye I see a tear rolling down
At the time I couldn't tell whose tear it was
If it was mine I should be glad
That I still function in this cage
But if it's yours it only makes me more lost
To see a tear rolling down
To see a tear rolling down

This is the last call for Ellis Island
These are the last words I'm ever gonna hear you say
So goodbye, babe
Goodbye, babe.

I hear sweethearts whisper their undying love
Above the noise on the quay their voices rise
They must have something so strong
in the face of such change
That they can promise and promise all night
Oh, their undying love, hear their undying love

This is the last call for Ellis Island
These are the last words I'm ever gonna hear you say
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So goodbye, babe
Goodbye, babe.

Oh, what you wouldn't give to be
down on the pier once again
Far away from the cries of this war-weary horde
Time up there in the clouds must be hard to endure
When your heart's unsure

It's like a knife in my gut knowing you're taking leave
I feel I'm sentenced to a death without appeal
I can pretend it's all a dream
And what I'm seeing will disappear
But the end I can see is all too real
Knowing you're taking leave
Knowing you're taking leave

This is the last call for Ellis Island
These are the last words I'm ever gonna hear you say
So goodbye, babe
Goodbye, babe
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Lyrics to Ellis Island
by Mary Black

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