Lyrics to Identical Twins
by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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[edit]Song titleIdentical Twins
[edit]Artist nameMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We're twins, we're twins, yes sir
I am me she is she
Except when I pretend I'm her

And when we switch
You can't tell which is which
You don't know who you're talking to
Because we're identical,
'dentical, 'dentical,
identical twins!

We look a lot alike
But we are not alike
I'm loud!...I'm quiet
She's serious...she's a riot
We're totally, totally
Different, different
Identical twins!

We read different stories
We watch different shows
In our slightly different colored hair
We wear different bows

We dance to different music
We laugh at different jokes
Gosh, gosh
It's like we're...two different folks

Though we appear alike
We're nowhere near alike
She's sweet...she's dossy
What's that mean? You're bossy
Says's true
Find more similar lyrics on not!...Is too!

We're totally, totally
Different, different
Identical twins!

I am not a xerox
I am not a clone
A duplicate, a copycat
A second scoop...on the ice cream cone

Friends, pals, partners, chums
But we're marching to different drums

We look a lot alike
But we are not alike
Identical twins!

Twins, twins...etc.

Two...two, totally...opposite,
Identical twins!

Identical twins!
Deedle-leedle-lee, dum!
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Lyrics to Identical Twins
by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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