Lyrics to Rock is dead
by Matrix

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[edit]Song titleRock is dead
[edit]Artist nameMatrix
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All simple monkeys with alien babies
Amphetamines for boys
Crucifixes for ladies
Sampled and soulless
Worldwide and real webbed
You sell all the living
For more safer dead

Anything to belong

Rock is deader than dead
Shock is all in your head
Your sex and your dope is all that we're fed
So fuck all your protests and
Put them to bed
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God is in the TV

1,000 mothers are praying for it
We're so full of hope
And so full of shit
Build a new god
To medicate and to ape
Sell us ersatz
Dressed up and real fake

Anything to belong


God is in the TV
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Lyrics to Rock is dead
by Matrix

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