Lyrics to Sing me Sweet
by Matt Nathanson

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[edit]Song titleSing me Sweet
[edit]Artist nameMatt Nathanson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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5 am, undressed
In your static, your mess
I don't need any new voices
I'm thick enough
with superstitions
and choices

Way home
A little bit of something
Maybe just a way home


Sing me sweet
Sing me low
Say you'll never let me go
Cause i've gone long enough
waiting for wonderful
Sing me sweet
sing me low
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so won't you stay
never fail
Never let me go

If i could stay like this
In the give of your lips
In the dim half-light dawn
Pinned below your undertow
When everything meant
everything again

Way home
A little bit of something
Maybe just a way home

Chorus X 2

Never let me go
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Lyrics to Sing me Sweet
by Matt Nathanson

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