Lyrics to Everything Changes
by Matthew Sweet

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[edit]Song titleEverything Changes
[edit]Artist nameMatthew Sweet
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's a matter of choices
And a matter of time
For you it's a matter of drive

You will let nothing
Get in your way
You set out to conquer
Each single day

Everything changes
But change itself
You can take out
What you think you know put it
Back on the shelf

Would you believe me
If I'd spoke my mind?
'Cause nobody gets there
They just try, try, try

Everything changes
But change itself
Find more similar lyrics on a bird you'd sooner fly away
Just stuck in yourself
As everything changes

We stay the same
You keep turning
Before long you're going to find out
What's in a name?

So you look for the answer
Then pull it apart
Tear it up 'til there's nothing there
'Cause it hurts your heart

Everything changes
And what you lack
You keep turning
Before long you're gonna find out
Everything changes
It's not hard to tell
Like a bird you'd sooner fly away
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Lyrics to Everything Changes
by Matthew Sweet

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