Lyrics to Gotta Get: Closer
by Maxwell

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[edit]Song titleGotta Get: Closer
[edit]Artist nameMaxwell
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
Sure enough I'll liberate you
I want to do you and emenate you

Everybody say, help me
With your soul, your mind your body
Tell me baby
Help me
Do you wanna come back home
So we can do the freaky
Help me, oh help me clear your soul
Help me get away from myself
So bad, I want ya to

Ooh baby can't help myself
Gotta get closer(ooh oh suga')
Ooh ooh baby can't help myself
Gotta get closer

I wanna love you like an animal
I wanna love you from inside
I wanna love you like an animal
You give me reason to live


Ooh baby can't help myself
Gotta get closer
Ooh baby can't help myself
Gotta get closer
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Ooh baby can't help myself gotta get closer
You know I love you the way you walk
Ooh gotta get closer
I love that your body talks
Your body moves and your funky ways
I love your body, what you want to play
When I get you inside your soul
With the rhythm that comes to seal
When the rhythm is in your mind
You make my body free
I wanna tell you near
Every rhythm wanna pump you seed
I gotta get closer

Gotta get closer(repeat four times)

Say haleiuah (haleiuah)
Say praise the Lord (praise the Lord)
Say haleiuah (haleiuah)
Say praise the Lord (praise the Lord)
Say hale-lu-lu-lu-la (hala-lu-lu-lu-la)
SAy praise the Lordy-Lord-Lord
(praise the Lordy-Lord-Lord)
Say hale-lu-lu-lu-la (hale-lu-lu-lu-la)
G-Mo c'mon...give it to me (spoken)

Thank You Thank You Ooh baby
can't help myself...gotta
cet closer
Ooh baby can't help myself...gotta get closer
Ooh baby can't help myself...gotta get closer
Ooh baby can't help myself...gotta get closer
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Lyrics to Gotta Get: Closer
by Maxwell

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